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Management Software Stock Stock It Easy: management of items, customers, warehouses, suppliers
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27 January 2014

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Whether you own a small business or happen to be a stock manager, craftsman, or businessmen having more than one warehouse, you are likely to experience the issue of effective stock management. Due to numerous transactions, clients, bills, articles, etc involved, it becomes a hectic affair to keep appropriate record of entire information relating these. Moreover, if you go for manual recording procedures then you might end up wasting lot of your time along with getting frustrated due to monotony. So, why waste your precious time when you can opt for an intelligent solution by trying out Stock It Easy 5.04.03. The utility proves to be great assistance in managing huge stock for numerous storage locations. From recording stock articles, articles seizure by registered warehouse, to publishing credit notes, invoices, stock status, good reception, article labels with barcodes, etc, the program displays its expertise in helping you perform each task.

Installing the Stock It Easy application you can commence by recording the details of articles included within your stock. Also, you can keep track of your clients and suppliers along with the articles delivered or received with the payment details. The program also includes the functions for sending emails to customers and suppliers and preparing quotations for instant response to customer orders. Likewise, with the help of recorded transactions the program makes automatic calculations and also lets you keep a check over and manage the stock in and out. Further, if you wish to check out stock of specific articles then you can view the related statistics and even search for particular articles, if needed. In addition, for security reasons, the application allows you to manage access rights to avoid intrusions. Moreover, you can print and export records to form reports or for using with other applications, and publish invoices, notes, labels, etc.

Stock It Easy 5.04.03 aids you in stocks management, order management relating suppliers and customers, customer returns, management estimates, and lets you alter different imparted settings features. Considering the remarkable range of functions and commendable performing capability in managing stocks, the program is being assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Inventory software management.The stock can be managed for an unlimited number of storage locations. Automatic reordering (generation command based on criteria you set). Seizure of articles with many parameters, including 10 customizable settings, and 1 storage address by registered warehouse. Publishing sending notes, invoices, credit notes, stock status, good reception, good preparation, article labels with bar code, card items ... Many potential exports to Word, Excel, XML. Sending orders by email to suppliers and customers. Preparation of quotations convertible into 1 click by customer order. Management of quantities in and out of stocks. Statistics on the articles. Search the articles. Management of access rights. Transfer between warehouses. Use of 2 VAT rates. Express customer's order.
Extension: management of COMPOSED or MADE Items. In one clic, you can order all the components defined for the composed item. You have a stock of item made of different parts, this extension is for you! See you on our web site for more information: The extension for the composed items is available in free trial during the 15 first days after the installation. Management of compounds items (one items contains other items called component items).
Extension: tracking and tracing. Management of serial numbers,batch numbers,expiry date per items and per warehouse. With this features you can trace your item during all the process from the incoming in stock to the outgoing to the customer.
Stock It Easy
Stock It Easy
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